AFGE Local 1770
P.O. Box 70027
Fort Bragg, NC 28307
(910) 396-1750
Office Hours:  Monday through Friday 0730-1630

Become A Member

We are offering a $100 bonus to each Bargaining Unit Employee who joins AFGE Local 1770  AND a $50 bonus to the AFGE Local 1770 member who recruits that new member! Who can't use a little extra money?                                           
Call either the Main Unit (Ft. Bragg) office at 396-1750 or   
the Pope Field office at 496-9142 for more details. You can also use:
                             Union membership form(s) 
Both forms must be completed for the new member and recruiter to receive their bonus(es). There is no limit to how many new members an existing member may recruit. Start signing and start earning!