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Local 1770 Election Results

Dear Brothers and Sisters of AFGE Local 1770:


We would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who turned out to vote in the recent elections.  Now that the final vote has been certified, we can share the results.

The ballot recap is listed below:

Number of Ballots Printed 400

Valid Ballots Counted 199

Total Void Ballots 0

Challenged Ballots 5

Unresolved Challenged Ballots 1

Total Ballots Cast 204

Election Results (offices elected by acclamation should so indicate)

Office Candidate Name Number of Votes

President Jonathan “Jay” Steele By Acclamation

Executive VP Wes “Sunglasses” Scott 104

Robert “Rob” Randles 94

Secretary/Treasurer Mark Doorey By Acclamation

Chief Steward Aaron Chumley 103

Kurt “R&R” Rhodes 92

Main Unit VP Jake Baker 85

Liz Roberts 93

DeCA VP Annette Crosby By Acclamation

Pope VP [vacant] -

DoDEA Jerome Burton 1

Shanna Summerville 9

Executive Council Jake Baker 100

Robert “Rob” Randles 100

Kurt “R&R” Rhodes 75

Scarlette Rhodes 64

Liz Roberts 106

Ted Bresnahan 32

Carvin Cash 78

Annette Crosby 41

Veronica Crumpler 41

James Pierce 108

Wess “Sunglasses” Scott 85

Charlie Ulrich 87

Herman Wallace 17



Ted Bresnahan

Aaron Chumley

Annette Crosby

Kurt “R&R” Rhodes

Charlie Ulrich

The officers elected will be sworn in at our next scheduled monthly membership meeting, 9 June 2016 at 16:30.


 In Unity,

Michael Griddine, Chairman

AFGE Local 1770

Elections Committee